Saturday, December 1, 2012


After spending many years as a freelance photojournalist in the San Francisco Bay Area, I took a short break from the industry but continued to pursue my love of photography, shooting commercial, sports, and portrait assignments.
After relocating to Arizona I again pursued my journalism career, joining the Western News & Info team in 2006 as a contract reporter, then staff reporter, photographer, and columnist for the  Chino Valley Review until 2013.
While covering a wide variety of assignments, from local youth leagues and small town government, to national political campaigns, major news events, and professional sports, I developed the skills needed to provide our readers the in-depth reporting, emotional images, and sometimes humorous look at life in our town.
In addition to the education, police & fire, and town government beats, I also produced a weekly column, focusing on living and raising a family in small town America.
I currently own and operate a photography and marketing firm whose clients ranger from local municipalities, schools, fire and police departments, and professional sports teams.